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Your Own DJ Booking Agency for Events

In an industry that has relied on a “who you know” hiring template for so long, we’re excited to become the new premiere place for DJ booking! Best Drifters connects you with event promoters and club owners to help you book gigs in cities across the world. There has never been an easier way for talented DJs to find the right gig at the right time in the right place so that you can share your talent globally. Create your press kit to share with the promoters, club owners, and talent agents who will use our platform to find performers to fill available performances and events in need of talent! Our events calendar is easily accessible by performers and promoters so that you can share your availability and find gigs in your area with ease.

Share your talent with the world

We understand the difficulties DJs have had trying to find bookings in the past. That’s why we created Beatdrifters - to make the entire process easier for both performers and promoters. As a DJ, you now have the opportunity to find and book paid gigs wherever you are and wherever you’re going to be. Beatdrifters is here to support small artists of all kinds, starting with YOU. Join our database of talented performers all over the world and begin discovering gigs today.

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Size Restrictions: Please make sure the image size is equal to or larger than 100 by 100 pixels and does not exceeds total size of 15 mb.
Drum & Bass
Happy Hardcore
Hip Hop
Top 40
Glitch Hop
Indie Dance
Nu Disco
Jackin' House
Downtempo / Trip Hop
Deep House
Dancehall / Reggea
Future House
Garage / 2-Step
Trap / Future Bass
Funk / Soul / Disco
Juke / Footwork
Left-field Bass
Hard Techno
Wedding DJ
Artist EPK
Presskit Download

What should be in your downloadable Presskit?

In nearly all cases, a Presskit .ZIP should include:

01) The highest quality photos you have of yourself. Include at least one photo that you know you'd want to see used online or within a flyer for an event you'll be booked at.

02) .jpeg or .png format copies of your logos. These can be for the record label your signed to, a performance crew you are a part of, even your own 'Logotype' of your stage name. If you are a more established act with a booking contract and production rider - be sure to include the logo assets the promoter is being required to use within this package.

03) A text document (typically .txt format is best so the end user doesn't need a special program to open it) that includes a listing of how your performer name is spelled and any special capitalization, a list of your affiliations, and a bio of your previous accomplishments and upcoming projects or releases. And whenever possible, including a list of people who are supporting you as a performer (in whatever format is applicable) or who you have performed alongside. With just these three elements you are providing *most* of what a promoter needs to present you in a professional way to their local event base.