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You're already a member - want a second account?

You already have either a Performer or Promoter account with Beat Drifters, but we know that many people wear both hats and we encourage you have both account types.

To have dual account types here on Beat Drifters, sign out of your current account, and then sign up for that new account type. From this point forward you will be considered a 'Dual Format' member with the following advantages:

Unique Profile Images:
You may be one persona as a Performer and something entirely different as a promoter. Having two unique accounts makes it possible for your profile image to reflect this separation.

Unique user account names:
Just as with your profile image, when someone finds your events / travel / profile page - you can be certain they are seeing the correct BRANDING for you. This is ESSENTIAL when keeping a clear consistent message across each of your Performer and / or Promoter accounts.

Discrete email contact addresses:
Using a new email address keeps your contacts separate and easily filterable within our email application. You'll always know if someone is contacting you about playing one of your shows... or having you play one of theirs keeping things clean and simple.

Thank you for joining. We look forward to co-creating an intercultural professional network of passionate, talented, respected and incredible people like you.