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Live Streamers working thier way through the new world we live in, travelling artist looking to introduce themselves and their talents to new areas, and Event Producers with shows to book who want to spice up thier line ups without all the regular costs...

Beat Drifters will make the connection!

The Beatdrifters Community: How to Book Gigs With Ease

We created this platform to connect promoters, talent agents, and club owners directly with the local and traveling artists they can book for shows and events. Promoters can find performers while performers can find gigs - all in one streamlined place! 

If you’re a new, unknown performer wondering how to get gigs without your own dedicated talent agent, the answer is Best Drifters. Let our community foster the connections you need to book gigs - without the hassle of booking agencies. With Best Drifters, you are your own booking agent!

If you’re a talent agent, club owner, or event promoter or creator, use our database of potential artists and performers to fill the event slots and gigs you have available. Your search for the perfect performer starts and ends with Beatdrifters.

There's no better place to find - and fill - gigs

From the press kit features to our events calendar, we take the guesswork and leg work out of finding and booking performances. Our unique community supports talent of all types, musicians of all genres, and promoters across the world! Join Beatdrifters as a promoter, owner, event planner, musician, artist, DJ, singer, band, or comedian today and start getting gigs!