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Allen Rockhouse
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A veteran DJ since 1999, Allen Rockhouse got his start playing with his brother Terrence Young around North East Tennessee and Asheville North Carolina. Working for years to master his skills, Allen Rockhouse now boasts one of the most distinctive scratching styles and a penchant for break-dancing during his sets. Touring all-over the South East,Mid West and even playing in Costa Rica. Rockhouse has devoted much of his time to perfecting his craft. When teamed up with his brothers and fellow DJ's, Kid Kollision and Terrance Young, the group creates a multi-genre, in-your-face, fist pumping trio known as The Role Models. Rockhouse’s passion for music is evident in all of his sets and his versatile mixes can contain rock, hip-hop, dubstep, breaks, and more. Rockhouse’s enthusiasm behind the decks is absolutely contagious and crowds can’t help but be moved when he is behind the one’s and two’s.
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