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Hailing originally from DC Now residing in Wilmington, NC Coming up during the rise of Dubstep, its no surprise EnF has such a heavy bass influence. While simultaneously bringing together multi sub-genre mixes with rolling bass lines, it’s only a matter of time before EnF sets himself apart. Learning to first DJ back in 2010, it didn’t develop into a passion until 2015, and with that time, EnF’s taste in music evolved as well. Finally learning that Drum and Bass held the key to his heart, he ran with it and never looked back. Pulling from his influences with Dubstep, and Metal at an early age. Ebb & Flow blurs the lines of traditional mixing with his unique style and overall goal of taking his listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride with every set. He sticks true to his name, weaving in and out of what is, whats supposed to be, and what Ebb & Flow makes it
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You're the DJ, the taste-maker and the life of the party!
Massive visuals, light shows that could send a signal to Alpha Centauri, and all while listening to the future of music technology along with just few...