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Terrence Young
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In 1999 at eighteen Terrence Young broke into the scene of drum and bass in Johnson City, TN. With a focus on quick change-ups and high-energy track selection, his style is fast and relentless. Learning on two belt-driven Numarks and a busted Gemini mixer in 1998, Terrence Young quickly discovered the style of drum and bass was best suited to his personal energy. Buying his first set of decks later that year, he began refining his style to a mash up of jungle/jump-up/tech-step. 14 years later, you can now hear reggaeton/hip hop/drumstep/dubstep/neuro funk/liquid and all sub-genres of drum and bass in his performances. Terrence Young has shared the stage with Dieselboy, Freakyflow, 6Blok, Soulslinger, Empress, Hooch, Xist, Allen Rockhouse, Kid Kollision, Huda Hudia, Sonico, SeBass, A La Intemperie and Lost Nomad. Terrence Young has played venues in Asheville, NC, Knoxville, Nashville,and Johnson City, TN, Atlanta, GA, Bowling Green, KY, Evansville, IN, Portland Or, Missoula Mt, San Jose Costa Rica, Quito Euador, Bogota Colombia Terrence Young often shares the stage with his brother Allen Rockhouse, a turntablist with styles rooted deeply in hip hop and breaks. When the two perform together it is a multi-genre mash up from house to crushing dnb....with scratching and beat juggling provided from one of the southeast's best mixers, Allen Rockhouse.
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Terrence Young on Beatdrifters