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DJ Wachacha’s main focus has always been drum and bass, but he is also known for the wide range of his mixing abilities. His dynamic capabilities make him proficient in mixing everything from old school break beats, to house, trance, speed garage, and of course the every changing genres of drum and bass. DJ Wachacha has a passion for his craft, and his minimal yet intelligent compositions will definitely haunt you throughout space and time. DJ Wachacha AKA Tighe Wachacha AKA Wachacha the Tyrant, is a Native American Drum and Bass DJ from Cherokee, North Carolina. DJ Wachacha is the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians original Junglist. He started mixing at the tender age of 16 at which time he enjoyed mixing, blending, cutting, and scratching anything and everything he could get his hands on. Now at age 37 and with 21 years of mixing knowledge behind him, he is back slicing up dance floors up and down the east coast after a brief hiatus raising his family. He brings his eclectic love for all things bass back into the club.
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