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Welcome to the Beat Drifters community!

There are a ton of things to get into, but first check out this video:

A good first step as a new member is adding a little more to your user profile, and creating a 'calling card' Travel or Event Pin that others can find you with in the events section.

If you're a Performer, adding some more links to your Videos, Music and other online media can help Promoter's learn about you and your talents / accolades.

As a Promoter, adding more links and info to your profile about past and upcoming events will give performers an idea of what your promotions are like. This will help performers connect with you if the type of events you produce match their talents. Another suggestion is to create an *event pin* in your home town that lasts for many weeks (or longer); you can think of this as a 'calling card' for yourself and your area. Performers will use these as yet another way to reach you when travelling through your town.