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What type of Performer Are You?

Connect With Talent Booking Agents for Performers

If you are an artist - musician, vocalist, comedian, DJ, or other type of performance artist - looking for a streamlined, easy way to share your press kit with talent agents, promoters, and club owners to find more paid gigs locally and around the world, Beatdrifters is the gig finder you have been waiting for. We are where you go to get discovered for gigs! We understand the hoops you have had to jump through in the past to book gigs locally and while travelling, and we have simplified the legwork into one easy-to-use website. When you sign up, you will be able to build out your press kit, including photos, social media links, and other promotional materials that promoters can view right from our database. Your calendar will let promoters know when you will be in their area and when you are available for a gig!

Find Paid Gigs On Your Own

For undiscovered or travelling performers, we understand how difficult it can be to find talent booking agents willing to take a chance on an artist they’ve never met. Best Drifters removes that barrier by allowing promoters to get to know you first. They have an opportunity to see your biography and experience in one place. You won’t find that ease of accessibility anywhere else but with Beatdrifters!