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Who's behind Beatdrifters.. are there even 'humans' associated with this or is it a scam and totally fake website because a photo of someone's face isn't pasted on the homepage?!
We're glad you asked ? Beatdrifters is the brain child of Daniel Young, and the website you're visiting was made by Clearwater Hawes. There are just two of us here, but we assure you we're very real and very passionate about this. Instead of burning time to build some hulking team of developers, attempting to gather seed funding, and endlessly reworking a 'design by committee' heavily polished multi-million dollar corporate website for this - we believe that perfection is the enemy of progress - and we've just gone for it! Over time this site, and its services, will grow and improve while adding others to the team. For now, you can find out more about each of us and the story of how Beat Drifters came to be on the about page
Ok, so now that I've found this Beatdrifters thing - what IS it exactly?
This website is a professional tool used for staffing events. In this regard you can think of Beatdrifters as a professional staffing tool with no middle man. Instead of an intermediary involved in every connection, charging a fee each time, there's just single fee once a year and then you're free to get on with your work. Promoters use it because they're able to break new and previously unknown talent on their areas for a minimal cost. And Performers use it to pick up extra gigs in areas of the world they are already travelling to.
Ah, that's pretty cool then! Promoters save some cash and performers make a bit extra - I love it!
You get it! By saving money on travel and lodging costs it lightens the risk promoters would normally have to take to introduce new names to people who frequent their events. And in the process this frees up cash pay those very performers with. And in both cases, promoters and performers use the Events' section MAP to look for one another's PINS and then contact each other using the built in private messaging system.
I totally get it now, awesome I'm in!.. but, how do I actually *use* it?
This is the nuts and bolts part - and really, its pretty simple. At its core the service is meant to let you get in contact with one another.

For both performers and promoters; adding information to your user profile is creating a calling card of your talents and events and a super important step, so don't forget beef up your profile with extra information right away.

After that's sorted, the core of things is the EVENTS section. As either a promoter or a performer, while on your own profile page you click on the "Add & Edit Travel / Events" tab and then the "ADD" text link. This will send you a page where you create an event listing. Promoters want to create event listings for events that are still filling talent slots and the postings you make here are IN ADVANCE of regular public release.

Promoter's events show up on the event's map as RED PINS. And Performers are creating GREEN PINS which show what areas they are travelling to and for how long. By clicking a pin, or browsing the events listing it's self you can view the finer details of both types of events.

Once you've decided you want to make a connection, simply click the 'Message Me' link found within each events listing to be send directly to your in-profile messaging tool. From here, it's like any other interaction and process of working out a booking. All of the regular ways you go about working out your bookings don't change.

The main thing to remember is that since this is a professional tool built specifically for this purpose, everyone is here TO GET THINGS DONE, and what a nice change of pace that is right?!

Where can I find Beatdrifters logos to use on my flyers and other promo?
We've got a quick logo pack you can download for promotional use right here
I want to have both a Performer and a Promoter account, can I do that?
Absolutely! No matter if you're already signed up or just interested in getting started for the first time, you will find instructions on how to have both accounts types here
I'm trying to message someone using the 'Message Me' link provided in an event.. and after I'm redirected to my messaging section, in the '@' field I only see my own email address along with a subtext in red about this user not existing. What gives??
We've seen this happen as a result of a web browser having it's 'Auto Fill' settings set in certain ways. Newer Macintosh 'Safari' browser versions are the biggest offenders, but this can happen with other browsers on other operating systems as well from time to time. If you're unable to modify your auto-fill settings - or simply do not want to - you can delete the email address your browser put into the message recipient field, type the '@' and then begin typing the username you want to send a message to. As you type you'll notice that names begin showing and then drilling down to names matching the characters input.
As a promoter, how can I mark my home region so travelling performers can find and connect with me?
This is one of the very best features of the Beatdrifters service! By using the 'EVENTS' system, you're able to create a sort of 'Calling Card' event. By using a long date range you can create an ongoing event that shows a pin in your home area. Through the event page details you can have people message you directly via the 'Message Me' link once they have clicked on your pin
I know I'm going to be in an area of the world for an extended period of time on a work contract, how can I tell promoters this?
Much like how Promoters can use extended date range 'events' as a sort of calling card to the regional area that they typically throw events within, you can use the same method for your green travel pins. Make sure you include your 'Message Me' link in that listing ?

Dual Accounts?


You already have either a Performer or Promoter account with Beatdrifters, but we know that many people wear both hats and we encourage you have both account types.


To obtain both account types here on Beat Drifters, sign out of your current account, and then sign up for that new account type. From this point forward you will be considered a 'Dual Format' member with the following advantages:


Unique Profile Images:
You may be one persona as a Performer and something entirely different as a promoter. Having two unique accounts makes it possible for your profile image to reflect this separation.

Unique user account names:
Just as with your profile image, when someone finds your events / travel / profile page - you can be certain they are seeing the correct BRANDING for you. This is ESSENTIAL when keeping a clear consistent message across each of your Performer and / or Promoter accounts.

Discrete email contact addresses:
Using a new email address keeps your contacts separate and easily filterable within our email application. You'll always know if someone is contacting you about playing one of your shows... or having you play one of theirs keeping things clean and simple.


Thank you for joining. We look forward to co-creating an intercultural professional network of passionate, talented, respected and incredible people like you.


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