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The Beat Drifter's Mission:

We are creating a community of travelling artists who connect with regional promoters beyond just their local areas. Audiences will now be able to experience fresh talent from around the world while artists and promoters establish an international following!

If you’re a travelling artist looking to introduce yourself and your talents to new areas, or if you’re an Event Producer with a show to book and want to spice up your line ups without all the regular costs...

Beat Drifters will help make the connection!

"This is simply amazing!!! I can see this platform single-handedly leading the way for the next generations of artists getting their chance to truly build a fan-base from the ground up. every thing about this makes sense, and I applaud you. I would urge every aspiring DJ, producer, and/or musician to join this, and I am certain the venues, talent buyers, and event curators are going to utilize this as much as possible. This can play a key role in the underground resurgence, but also broad enough to accommodate bands, comics, and all kinds of other creative entertainment. Well done!"


Planet of the Drums / Big Riddim

Beat Drifters was born of a simple, but reliable fact:

Booking unknown talent from afar is rarely done due to the cost of travel and lodging expenses.

But if an artist is already going to be in the area, Promoters are freed from a large portion of the financial burden of *taking a chance* on new talent for their nights. And in the process talent is more likely to get paid a fair booking fee.

The BeatDrifters goal is to nurture the diversity of musical acts people in each area of the world are able to see. And to help avoid the homogenization of talent pools that stems from current systems of large booking agencies and big money regional talent buyers.




Who we are: An online platform that helps connect artists and promoters internationally.

What we do: We provide a cross-cultural network of promoters and talent with calendars, mapping system, on-site messaging, and high share-ability of electronic press kits. This platform directly links artists to relevant promoters, preventing the wasted time of communication between incompatible artists and promoters.