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Book the Beatdrifters Event Stage

Throwing a Live Event or Live Stream and need a Mobile Stage or Production Studio? You can book the Beatdrifters Events Trailer to your area!

Events Trailer Booking FAQ

What do I get when booking the Beatdrifters Event Trailer?
We’re glad you asked ? First and foremost you get the peace of mind knowing your event or live-stream’s production will sit above other productions in your area with a uniqueness and level of quality normally reserved for location based night clubs and events spaces. On a more granular level, your performers will have access to industry standard DJ Performance gear from Pioneer (full gear list found in this FAQ), QSC, Technics, Shure and more. Also included is a meal menu chosen at time of booking for your performers and staff. Additional visual production options are available including Video Projection and Stage Lighting.
What is the total cost and maximum duration of a rental for the Event Trailer?
Rentals are purchased in 1 day increments, with additional days discounted based on the number of hours worked at $150 an hour up to a maximum of 8 hours (the remaining hours of the calendar day are covered in the 8 hour cost). As stated within the ‘How much setup time is required’ FAQ entry, we suggest scheduling in our arrival for the day before an event if it is a difficult to access location or a larger production (such as a festival with multiple stages) that may require more location planning and setup.
What type of rental is the Events Trailer best suited for?
While a vast majority of our bookings come in the form of music related events and features, all forms of ‘Live PA’ bookings are suitable for the Events Trailer. Speaking engagements, fund raisers and neighborhood outreach events also work well with the stage. If you think the size and equipment on offering might suit your needs – get in touch.
Do you have an equipment list?
We certainly do!

Pioneer DJM 900 NSX 2 4 Channel PA / DJ Mixer
3x Pioneer CDJ 2000NSX 2 Digital Turntables
2x Technics 1200 MK3D Analog Turntables
Qsc kw181 (subs)
Qsc k12.2. (Tops)
Qsc k8.2. ( MONITORS)
How much setup time is required for the Beatdrifters Event Trailer?
For simple setups we can be onsite, and deployed within 4 hours. For larger engagements it’s best to recieve us a day in advance or on the morning preceeding a night time event.
How much teardown time is required for the Event Trailer?
Similarly to setup, we require a minimum of 4 hours tear down time post event. However we will typically work with you in advance to insure an even area clean up and partial tear-down after the event with completion and departure the following day.
How much space will you need for the Event Trailer?
There must be enough space to position the trailer and it’s truck on the event area if a direct ‘drive in / drive out’ single direction path is not available. In these worst case scenarios where the ability to drive directly into position is not possible, a 200′ by 200′ space must be available to reposition the rig. This insures footing on stable ground and facing the event area.
I live on a mountain summit with only snow mobile access, can I book the Event Trailer here?

In a word, no.

However, we’ve been known to bring the event trailer to many a location you might not think is possible – so send us a message first with details about your proposed space and you may be surprised at what can be done 🙂

I'm throwing a larger event and want to use your Trailer as one of many other stages, can I do this?
Of course! We have a long history within the festival circuit and love being a part of a larger event. Discuss this with us in detail and we can work out the finer points of how this will function. Additionally, and while we come self contained, you can run extra electrical power to our location within the event for larger sounds systems, more intricate visual displays and anything else you might want to book in from other production companies essentially using the Beatdrifters Trailer as a ‘stage rental’.

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